January Blues

January Blues
15th January 2019 admin_storcx

Are you managing to fight off the January blues?  We are back to school and work after the holidays with promises of new years resolutions and a cold winter ahead…  Do not fear all is not lost!

Why not cheer yourself up & go to Storcx.com to chip in with friends to book a fun-filled February get away?  Feel the sun on your back and wind in your hair – opt for a Chalet in the Mountains or a sun drenched villa on a secluded beach, either way it will certainly put a smile back on your face.

If that may seem a bit ambitious why not try something closer to home? Get your friends over & indulge yourselves by booking a spa night in, or organize a cooking club or lesson with your pals? You could also get organised for your year of gifting by using Storcx to money-pool for any of these or any up and coming events, birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Beat the stress and be organized!

Keep Life Simple with Storcx


Please note storcx.com is temporarily closed while we re-asses our offering due to Brexit. If you have an open giftraising event you will be able to withdraw funds as normal.