Happy New Year

Happy New Year
1st January 2019 admin_storcx

Happy New Year Everyone! Boxes are everywhere and your house feels like a tornado has blown through it. Toys litter the kitchen floor, tummies are full and the gluttony of Christmas is kicking in. There has never been a better time for a fresh start! Kick off 2019 by implementing the long list of new years resolutions you swore you’d follow. Whether this is to be fitter, healthier, more organized, more adventurous, Storcx.com is here to lend a helping hand.

Why not get together with a group of friends, where you can all chip in via storcx.com and book a holiday villa to share. There is no better way to beat the post Christmas blues than having a getaway planned with friends.

Alternatively if you feel you want to beat the bloat and excess pounds why not club together with your friends on Storcx.com to organize a weekly personal trainer in the park, or how about group cooking lessons at home – you can host and organise and get everyone to contribute.

The list of opportunities and fun things to money-pool and do with friends is endless.

Keep Life Simple with STORCX.


Please note storcx.com is temporarily closed while we re-asses our offering due to Brexit. If you have an open giftraising event you will be able to withdraw funds as normal.