February Fun

February Fun
1st February 2019 admin_storcx

Hip Hooray! January is over, longer daylight hours are creeping in and our routines are back in full swing. Whether we have stuck to our traditional New Years resolutions this far or not, February brings lots to look forward to so do not dismay! On the 5th February we can celebrate Chinese New Year – perhaps the time to re-instate new and improved (or more realistic) resolutions. It may be a great time to start again and reset, by hosting a Chinese New Year party. Club together with friends for a Chinese Themed party celebrating the Year of The Pig & all it has to offer!

Also lets not forget the 14th February, Valentines Day – the most romantic day of the year. This is the time to do something special for a loved one, no matter who it is:- perhaps an experience – Money-pool with siblings and cousins for a box at the ballet for you parents or grandparents; or club together with your brother or sisters in- law for something special for your husband – a new set of golf clubs, a new watch, a box at the football, a new iphone?

Or if you are a singleton and looking for a good excuse to celebrate and meet new people; club together & split the costs with friends to organize a Valentines Party at a special venue!

Keep Life Simple & Storcx it.

Love STORCX xxx


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