Welcome to Storcx – the site that  allows you to collect funds from your friends for any group present or event in a personalised, safe and fun way, that goes straight into your bank account to spend as you please!

Simply by creating an account & gift page, and adding contacts to contribute –your event pot is created allowing you to message your guests and track and send reminders; where we do all the hard work, and you can focus on spending your collected funds.

We can even send your thank you messages, saving  you time, whilst being kind to the environment!

The beauty of Storcx is that this can be applied not just to physical gifts but to cash sums, airline tickets, holiday villa shares, hen/stag party organising to name a few. Look at our example icons to explore possibilities – the ideas are limitless.

Storcx.  No more panic buying, no more waste; restores the spirit of gift-giving and brings back the joy of sharing, we call it giftraising…


Lohralee (mum of 4) & Elizabeth (mum of 2) were fed up with expensive, wasteful & excessive gift giving and receiving. They wished there was a way to easily group gift between friends and family that could save money, time & restore the pleasure & meaning of the gifting process. Hence the creation of Storcx. By allowing friends to club together for one mutual gift goal, whatever the occasion, it would put an end to panicked wasteful buying, wasted wrapping and cardboards and allow the recipient to receive a gift they REALLY want.


Please note storcx.com is temporarily closed while we re-asses our offering due to Brexit. If you have an open giftraising event you will be able to withdraw funds as normal.