Thanksgiving & Hanukah

Thanksgiving & Hanukah
15th November 2018 admin_storcx
Giftraise this Thanksgiving with Storcx

November brings a colder chill; Christmas decorations & lights are starting to spring up in shops and on the streets and people are starting to think about Christmas presents.

However before Christmas starts to overtake normality we must give a nod to all the Americans as Thanksgiving is on its way! On the 22nd of November get your knife and fork ready and prepare for a feast of thanks.

Why don’t you use STORCX to invite your friends and get them to contribute to host a Thanksgiving dinner at home? Split the bill and prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that will give Christmas a run for its money!

Or if you are a guest at an all singing, all dancing, American Thanksgiving dinner and flummoxed what to buy your North American friend – why don’t you club together with the other guests and buy your host a super fab gift to say thanks.

Now is also a good time to start thinking about Hanukah on the 2nd December. Eight days of gifts, for eight days of celebration, think of traditional gifts, such as dreidel, gelt, puzzles, games, books or something more special. Celebrate this special holiday using STORCX to money-pool with friends!

STORCX – keep life simple.