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14th August 2018 admin_storcx
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Hip-hip-Hooray! Not only are we celebrating that August is in full swing, we are enjoying hot summer days and people all around are smiling and so are we… Storcx is thrilled to announce that we are up and running!

Storcx is here to keep life simple by making the giftraising process easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

It allows you to club together with friends or colleagues for any present or event in a personalised, safe and fun way. By collecting funds from your chosen group for a specific event straight into your bank account it opens up wider more exciting opportunities when thinking presents and surprise. It is the delivery system with a kiss!
No more panic buying, no more waste; restores the spirit of gift giving and brings back the joy of sharing. It is a beautiful way of giving the perfect present every-time.

Whatever the occasion Storcx has a simple solution to make gift-giving fun.

So why not look outside the box when thinking presents, or getaways; something that you, your family or friends will never forget by pooling together and getting something special. Book a last minute weekend get-away with friends? Go to legoland? Someone’s wedding on the horizon? Use Storcx, and save time and money for every occasion. Club together and do something memorable to mark the day, the memory….

Keep life simple and let us do the work for you.